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CUED Division A

Energy, Fluids and Turbomachinery


Josh is working towards a PhD on the modelling and optimisation of pumped thermal energy storage. Previously, he read Mechanical Engineering at St. Catharine's College, Cambridge (2008-2012).

Josh is Head of Lectures at Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange (CUSPE)


Energy storage; Energy; Optimisation; Evolutionary algorithms.


Key publications: 
J.D. McTigue, A.J. White, C.N. Markides, "Parametric studies and optimisation of pumped thermal electricity storage", Applied Energy (in press) link
A.J. White, J.D. McTigue, C.N. Markides, "Wave propagation and thermodynamic losses in packed-bed thermal reservoirs for energy storage", Applied Energy, 130 (2014), pp. 648–657 link

Teaching and Supervisions


Supervisor: Part 1A and 1B Thermofluids