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Dr Karthik Depuru-Mohan

Dr Karthik Depuru-Mohan

Homerton College Research Fellow

Homerton College
Hills Road

Cambridge CB2 8PH
Office Phone: +44 1223 747065


Dr Karthik Depuru-Mohan is Homerton College Research Fellow at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. His primary research interests are aeroacoustics, aerodynamics and turbomachinery. To address the engineering and technology challenges of today’s world, he applies a balanced approach among experiment, computation and theory.

As a DLR-DAAD Research Fellow, he performed aeroacoustics research at German Aerospace Center, Goettingen. As a Visiting Scholar, he performed aeroacoustics research at the University of Oxford. As a Policy Adviser, he examined the way 20 different countries fund research and innovation, mapped their approaches and drew out lessons for the UK. He worked on this project as part of developing the evidence base for the Spending Review 2015 at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, UK Government. He was invited to present his work on research and innovation policies at the Global Science and Innovation Forum meeting. As a David Crighton Fellow, he performed aeroacoustics research at NASA Langley Research Center. As a DAAD Scholar, he performed aerodynamics research at the Technical University of Berlin. As a Technologist, he gained expertise in gas turbine technology, sealing and cooling systems in particular, at GE John F. Welch Technology Center. His innovative work on gas turbine sealing technology was recognised with GE Patent Awards.

He holds a PhD in Aeroacoustics from the University of Cambridge and an MS in Fluid Mechanics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He also holds two US patents on gas turbine sealing technology. He has published nearly 20 research articles in leading journals and international conferences. An article, which is based on his PhD research work at Cambridge, was listed among the 20 most read articles of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Journal during 2015/16. In recognition of his academic excellence, he has been awarded prestigious fellowships and scholarships including Visiting Scholarship from Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford; DLR-DAAD Research Fellowship from the German Aerospace Center, Government of Germany; Junior Research Fellowship from Homerton College, University of Cambridge; Summer Research Fellowship from the Center for Turbulence Research, Stanford University; David Crighton Fellowship from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge; Cambridge International Scholarship from the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust; Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship from St John's College, University of Cambridge and DAAD Scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service, Government of Germany.

Research Interests

  • Aeroacoustics

  • Aerodynamics

  • Turbomachinery


  • Fluid Mechanics

  • Thermofluids

  • Thermodynamics and Power Generation


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Acoustics
  • Flow Instability
  • Installation Effects
  • Aircraft noise
  • Jet and wind turbine noise
  • Laser diagnostics
  • Fluid Mechanics

4th Year Project Deadlines

 May 2017
Each student submits two copies of Final report plus an extra copy of their technical abstract, plus their log book or electronic equivalent to Group Centres by 4pm.


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