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CUED Division A

Energy, Fluids and Turbomachinery


Key publications: 

1. Tammisola, O., Giannetti, F., Citro, V., Juniper, M. P. 2014
"Second order perturbation of global modes and implications for spanwise wavy actuation", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 755, 314-335.
2. Lashgari, I., Tammisola, O., Citro, V., Juniper, M.P. & Brandt, L. 2014
"The planar X-junction flow: stability analysis and control", Journal of Fluid Mechanics (Accepted).

3. Usha, R., Tammisola, O. & Govindarajan, R.  2013
"Linear stability of miscible two-fluid flow down an incline".
Physics of Fluids, 25, 104102.

4. Tammisola, O., Lundell, F. & S<::>oderberg, L.D.  2012
"Surface tension-induced global instability of planar jets and wakes".
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 713, 632-658.

5. Tammisola, O.  2012
"Oscillatory sensitivity patterns for global modes in wakes". 
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 701, 251-277.

6. Juniper, M., Tammisola, O. & Lundell, F.  2011
"The local and global stability of confined planar wakes at intermediate Reynolds number". Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 686, 218-238.

7. Tammisola, O., Lundell, F., Schlatter, P., Wehrfritz, A. & S<::>öderberg, L.D.  2011 "Global linear and nonlinear stability of confined plane wakes with co-flow".
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 675, 397-434.

8. Tammisola, O., Sasaki, A., Lundell, F., Matsubara, M. & S<::>oderberg, L.D. 2011 "Stabilizing effect of gas flow on a plane liquid sheet".
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 672, 5-32. (Selected as Focus in Fluids-article in vol. 672, p. 1-4 review written by J. Eggers).

9. Tammisola, O., Lundell, F. & S<::>öderberg, L.D. 2011
"Effect of surface tension on global modes of confined wake flows".
Physics of Fluids, 23, 014108, DOI 10.1063/1.3540686.

10. Tammisola, O., Lundell, F., Hellstr<::>öm, G. & Lagerstedt, T. 2009"Spin coating of Blu-Ray disks: modeling, experiments, limitations and manipulation".
Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, vol. 7, nr. 3, pp. 315-323,DOI 10.1007/s1 1998-009-9204-2

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Computational Fluid Dynamics
Flow Instability
Fluid Mechanics