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CUED Division A

Energy, Fluids and Turbomachinery

Combustion Research at Cambridge encompasses a wide range of areas, with multiple investigators.

Experimental work in turbulent flames, ignition and autoignition (Mastorakos, Hochgreb), thermoacoustic instabilities (Dowling, Juniper, Dawson), mixing (Dawson) and gas turbine combustors (Hochgreb), as well as solid fuel combustion (Scott).

Numerical work on Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) (Cant, Swaminathan, Mastorakos), turbulent closure methods (Cant, Swaminathan, Mastorakos), chemical mechanism reduction (Mastorakos), spray DNS (Cant) and a variety of applications implented in CFD.

Experimental instrumentation include state-of-the-art laser diagnostic equipment for species and velocity measurements, including high speed and cycle resolved measurements. A mid-pressure (10 bar) combustion facility can accommodate industrial size aeroengine injectors, and a variety of atmospheric facilities are used for detailed experiments in flames and combustion.