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The International Conference on Mathematics & Computational Methods Applied to Nuclear Science & Engineering (M&C 2017)

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The International Conference on Mathematics & Computational Methods Applied to Nuclear Science & Engineering (M&C 2017) took place in Jeju, Korea in April http://www.mc2017.organd was attended by Dr Eugene Shwageraus, Dr Dani Kotlyar (a former post-doc at the Department of Engineering up until August 2016, and currently an Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech) and several PhD Students. The CUED participation in the conference was significant and included chairing technical sessions, oral presentations and posters.

 Dani Kotlyar

Dani Kotlyar has won the “Best Poster Award” for his work that he performed while at Cambridge on “Iteration-Free Coupled Monte Carlo with Thermal Hydraulic Method” co-authored by E. Shwageraus and researches from UC Berkeley M. Aufiero and M. Fratoni.

CUED faculty and students have co-authored 9 papers presented at the conference which are listed below:

Alan Charles and Geoff Parks, “Multi-objective Differential Evolution Algorithms for Optimization of Heterogeneous LWR Assemblies” (Presentation).

 Alan CharlesAlan

Nathaniel Read and E. Shwageraus, “Investigating Diffusion Coefficient Anisotropy in Axially Heterogeneous High Conversion Water Reactors” (Presentation).

 Nathanial Read

Zhiyao Xing and E. Shwageraus, “Coupling FHR Core Design with Power Conversion System” (Presentation).

Alisha Kasam and E. Shwageraus, “Approximate Heat Transfer Solution for the Breed and Burn Molten Salt Reactor” (Presentation).

Paul Cosgrove and E. Shwageraus, “Development of MoCha-FOAM: a new Method of Characteristics Neutron Transport Solver for OpenFOAM” (Poster).

Dani Kotlyar, M. Aufiero, E. Shwageraus, M. Fratoni, “Stable perturbation-based susbtep method for coupled Monte Carlo Codes” (Presentation).

M. Aufiero, A. Bidaud, D. Kotlyar, J. Leppänen, G. Palmiotti, M. Salvatores, S. Sen, E. Shwageraus, M. Fratoni, “New Approaches and Applications for Monte Carlo Perturbation Theory” (Presentation).

Y. Bilodid, E. Fridman, D. Kotlyar, E. Shwageraus, “Explicit decay heat calculation in the nodal diffusion code DYN3D” (Presentation).

 Eugene Shwageraus

4th Year Project Deadlines

29th May 2019
Each student submits two copies of Final report plus an extra copy of their technical abstract, plus their log book or electronic equivalent to Group Centres by 4pm.


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