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CUED Division A

Energy, Fluids and Turbomachinery

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Antonio D'Ammaro

Dr Antonio D'Ammaro

PhD Student

University of Cambridge,
Whittle Laboratory,
1 JJ Thomson Avenue

Cambridge CB3 0DY
Office Phone: 01223339882


PhD : University of Cambridge (January 2011 - June 2015)

M.Sc : Cranfield University (October 2009 - October 2010)

M.Sc : Politecnico di Bari (October 2008 - November 2010) 

B.Sc : Politecnico di Bari (October 2005 - October 2008)


Languages: Italian (native), English (fluent), Spanish (good), French (basic)


Research Interests

Film cooling, Experimental Techniques, Uncertainty Quantification, Aero-thermal design


GA2 - Turboexpander

EAA - Flow visualisation


Key Publications

Montomoli F, Carnevale M, D’Ammaro A, Massini M, Salvadori S, 2015 “Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Aircraft Engines”, Springer, ISBN:978-3319146805

Bradford J, Montomoli F, D'Ammaro A, 2014 “Uncertainty quantification and race car aerodynamics” Sage Publications LTD Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part-D Journal of Automobile Engineering, 228 (4)

Montomoli F, D’Ammaro A, Uchida S, 2013 “Numerical and Experimental investigation of a new film cooling geometry with high P/D ratio”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 66

D’Ammaro A, Montomoli F, 2013 “Uncertainty Quantification in film cooling”, Journal of Computer and Fluids, 71

Montomoli F, D’Ammaro A, Uchida S, 2013 “Uncertainty Quantification and Conjugate Heat Transfer: A Stochastic Analysis”, Journal of Turbomachinery, 135 (3)

Carnevale M, Montomoli F, D’Ammaro A, Salvadori S, 2012 “Uncertainty Quantification: A Stochastic Method for Heat Transfer Prediction Using LES” Journal of Turbomachinery, 135 (5)


Carnevale M, D’Ammaro A, Montomoli F, Salvadori S, 2014 “Film cooling and shock interaction: an uncertainty quantification analysis with transonic flows” Journal of Turbomachinery, IGTI GT 2014-25024

D’Ammaro A, Kipouros T, Savill M, Lyazid D, 2011 “Computation Design for Micro Fluidic Devices Using Lattice Boltzmann and Heuristic Optimisation Algorithms”, European Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications (ENUMATH) Conference, Leicester UK

D’Ammaro A, Kipouros T, Saddawi S, Savill M, 2010: “Modelling and Optimisation of a Micro-Mixed Based on Lattice Boltzmann Simulations”, Proceedings of Joint OCCAM/ICFD Lattice Boltzmann Workshop, Oxford UK


Montomoli F, D’Ammaro A, 2012, “Uncertainty Quantification and Gas Turbines”, ADOS Conference Rolls-Royce, Derby UK

4th Year Project Deadlines

29th May 2019
Each student submits two copies of Final report plus an extra copy of their technical abstract, plus their log book or electronic equivalent to Group Centres by 4pm.


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