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Alumni 2017-18

What the students are doing ...

Reuben Cruise was offered work at the Energy Policy Research Group in the Cambridge Judge Business School as a Research Assistant in Electricity and Gas Market Modelling just one week after handing in his MPhil in Nuclear Energy dissertation! He has been working on long-term electricity and gas market pricing, and market designs to cope with the effect of increased renewable penetration in the electricity mix. This involved plant-level performance modelling, which the technical aspect of the MPhil helped with when it came to determining and explaining the ramping, starting, restarting and costs of individual nuclear plants. In addition, this is closely linked to the electricity market game that is part of the Nuclear Policy MPhil course, as Reuben was creating the same supply-demand curves but for real world applications.
Reuben Cruise

In April Reuben starts a PhD at Imperial College London, "I can't stress how instrumental the MPhil has been in preparing me for that! It was such a good experience (be that tough) and I'm really grateful to have had that opportunity."


4th Year Project Deadlines

29th May 2019
Each student submits two copies of Final report plus an extra copy of their technical abstract, plus their log book or electronic equivalent to Group Centres by 4pm.


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