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CUED Division A

Energy, Fluids and Turbomachinery

Three-dimensional DNS with a pseudo-spectral, constant density code and
simple (1-step) chemistry reproduced
the previous findings that ignition occurs at the most-reactive
mixture fraction (Mastorakos et al, Combustion and Flame, 1997, vol 109,
p. 198)
and at low scalar dissipation rates. The images below are results
from simulations where initially, a thin slab of cold fuel at x=0.5 was
to hot air from both sides. The iso-surfaces of xMR are shown
coloured according to local value of the temperature (left)
and the scalar dissipation rate (right) and it is evident that a
negative correlation exists.
Further simulations are underway with complex chemistry.












Figure 1.  Temperature along xMR











Figure 2.  Scalar dissipation rate along xMR